Message from the Management

Excellence in the services provided to our clients, based on the experience and dedication of our employees, is the goal that drives us forward in our daily professional lives. When providing these services, we strive to diligently fulfil the mission entrusted to us by our clients, acting with precision and speed and always adding value in our relations with the insurance market.

The business world, public institutions and private individuals, all of them in their own particular environment, require our company to provide solutions that go beyond simple insurance brokerage. Our response involves providing consultancy to constantly identify the risks our clients are subject to and decide how to best handle them, including mitigating or transferring those risks, in addition to implementing programmes to monitor the results achieved.

As companies become increasingly international and their employees become more mobile, covering the risks that people and assets are exposed to requires global decisions and local service. These are provided through our Uniba network, which is present in more than 130 countries. When clients choose a Uniba member to manage their insurance, they are choosing a network that not only offers cultural diversity but also benefits from co-ordinated team working to deliver effective risk management.

Corbroker is proud to be a Portuguese company with an international presence. Our management team and Board are always present in our client management activities and in our relations with the insurance market, thus enabling us not only to reduce the total cost of our insurance programmes but also to achieve our operational and strategic goals.

At Corbroker S.A., our clients’ interests always come first!

Help us protect you. Safely with you.


Fernando Belchior