General information regarding complaints management at Corbroker – Corretores de Seguros, S.A.

General concepts

  1. Policyholders, insured persons, beneficiaries or injured third parties can present complaints regarding Corbroker – Corretores de Seguros, S.A., hereafter Corbroker, in the terms indicated below. Corbroker has a Complaints Management Policy for this purpose;
  2. Pursuant to the legislation and regulations in force, a complaint is deemed to be any manifestation of disagreement in relation to the position assumed by the company or dissatisfaction with the services provided by it, as well as any allegation of possible non-compliance, presented by policyholders, insured persons, beneficiaries or injured third parties.

Communications that are part of the contract negotiation process or that are inherent to the claims settlement process, as well as possible requests for information or clarification, are not considered to be complaints.

Complaints sent to Corbroker (*)

  1. How you can complain
    a) By e-mail, to;
    b) By letter, addressed to:

    Ana Clara Gouveia
    Av. 5 de Outubro 17, 2º
    1050-047 Lisboa

    1. c) By fax, to the number 213245149;
      d) By filling in the Complaints Book, which can be found at every Corbroker branch;
      e) Complaints can also be presented via the electronic complaints book, using the following link:
  1. Minimum requirements when making a complaint
    a) The complaint must be in writing;
    b) Include the full name of the person complaining and the full name of the person representing them, if any;
    c) Include the capacity of the person complaining, i.e. policyholder, insured person, beneficiary or injured third party or person representing them;
    d) Include the contact details of the person complaining and of the person representing them, if any;
    e) Include the number of the complainant’s identification document;
    f) Describe the facts that have led to the complaint, identifying the persons involved and the date those facts took place, unless this is clearly impossible;
    g) Write the date and place of the complaint.
  1. Receipt of the complaint will be acknowledged within 10 days, and a written reply will be provided within a maximum limit of 20 days counting from receipt of the complaint, provided the minimum requirements listed above are met. This time limit may be extended to 30 days in cases that prove to be particularly complex.

Other bodies you can contact to make a complaint

Autoridade de Supervisão de Seguros e Fundos de Pensões (ASF)

Avenida da República, 76
1600-205 Lisboa

Corbroker reserves the right not to accept a complaint, in line with the regulations in force, whenever:

(i)   Essential data is missing, making it impossible to deal with the complaint, and this situation has not been duly rectified;

(ii)  The intention is to make a complaint on a matter that is the jurisdiction of judicial or arbitral bodies or when the subject matter of the complaint has already been resolved judicially or in arbitration;

(iii) The complaint repeats a previous complaint made by the same person in relation to the same subject matter and this has already been replied to, unless the repeat complaint contains new facts;

(iv) The complaint has not been made in good faith or its content can be classified as vexatious.