Who is it for?

All companies, regardless of their size, that have IT systems and third party data.

Management of cyber risks, in a world that is increasingly digital, linked to companies’ concerns about protecting the data that is in their possession, has become an imperative tool in recent times with demand for it increasing exponentially.

Corbroker has solutions to meet companies’ needs. Cyber risks insurance offers protection for business against leaks of confidential information, hacking, computer viruses, employee sabotage or errors, phishing and identity theft.

Scope of the insurance

Guidance is provided by immediate-response specialist teams, from the moment the problem is identified, with follow-up and settling of the claim. Responses are provided for the following covers:

  • Cover for liability deriving from security and privacy, in particular complaints from third parties resulting from a network security failure or data protection breach;
  • Cover for management of occurrences: this cover applies to security failures or breach of privacy and covers the costs of notices, public relations and other services that can help to manage and minimise the cyber incident. Investigation costs, legal fees and identity monitoring of breach of privacy victims are included;
  • Cover for loss of profits due to IT system interruptions: this cover applies to an actual interruption of the insured person’s business operations caused by an IT system security failure, and reimburses lost profits and operating expenses;
  • Cover for cyber extortion: this cover applies to threats of wilful attacks on a client’s security by an external entity with the aim of extorting money or other valuables. This includes investigation costs to determine the source of the threat.

Information needed to analyse the risk

  • Completion of a questionnaire in line with the size of the company.

Further information