Who is it for?

Companies and individuals.

Health insurance provides access to the health care that employees need. In practical terms, it is an alternative to the long queues at public emergency facilities and the difficulties you may have when trying to quickly book specialist medical appointments. Health insurance is a powerful tool to guarantee retention of talent in companies, as employees increasingly value this benefit. Besides providing protection for the employee, it also provides tax benefits for companies, in line with Article 43 of the Portuguese Tax Code.

We have a vast range of products for our clients, with many alternatives.

Scope of the insurance

  • Standard Plan – The company chooses a plan according to the existing predefined models, opting for the module which best suits it;
  • Tailor-made Plan – A tailor-made plan is developed in line with the company’s coverage and capital needs, for companies with over 100 employees;
  • Oncology Plan – We have an oncology product to support all of our clients’ needs, including psychological support, hospitalisation, family support and treatments;
  • Health Card – This option has no exclusion periods, no pre-existing illness exclusions and no age limit. The card offers clients high quality medical assistance at agreed prices.

Our offer is very complete and comprehensive with covers suited to each situation, for example:

  • Hospitalisation;
  • Childbirth;
  • Out-patient care;
  • Online consults;
  • Prostheses and orthoses;
  • Stomatology;
  • Second medical opinion;
  • International cover;
  • Preventive medicine;
  • Medicines;
  • Oncology;
  • Non-conventional treatments.

Information needed to analyse the risk

  • Claims data from the last three years in the case of companies;
  • Medical questionnaire in the case of individuals.

We have protocols with the main insurers in the market for individual clients.

Further information