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For everybody wishing to ensure their quality of life in retirement. With the decline in national pensions, Retirement Savings Plans (PPR) are an excellent investment solution to complement retirement, representing an increasingly smart option in these uncertain times.
Corbroker is able to provide you with tailored retirement investment solutions. The truth is it is really never too early to start preparing for your retirement. There are several solutions available, with different investment options, guarantees and returns. We adjust the solution to your profile. There are solutions with greater or fewer associated risks, some that are medium-term and others that involve more long-term investments; we are able to recommend the savings plan that is appropriate for each stage of your life.

When the objective is to guarantee a complement to your national pension to maintain your quality of life, a Retirement Savings Plan is the ideal solution for you. This product complements your Social Security pension and is designed to meet your economic needs at retirement age. In the event of death, it guarantees payment of the refundable amount to your beneficiaries. 
If you are seeking a solution to build up medium or long-term savings for your children’s studies or other life projects, savings products are solutions that can meet these needs.
There are a number of products available with a variety of characteristics, from guaranteed capital to more risky solutions, with one-off or periodic delivery plans. Corbroker can present you with different solutions depending on your objectives.

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PPR – Retirement Savings Plan