Who is it for?

All companies in the following business sectors: Agrofoods, Renewable Energies, Events, Construction and Hospitality.

Parametric insurance is a personalised cover, designed using independent parameters, such as climate or seismic indices, which complement your insurance programme.
By assessing the damage resulting from natural risks, it offers a solution to compensate for expected revenue.
Once the agreed index is reached or exceeded, the payment is triggered and clients receive their indemnity within just a few days, which represents a very positive experience.


This product is a complement to traditional insurance for agricultural producers. Payments are triggered by meteorological variables, such as temperature or rainfall, confirmed over a given period of time and that negatively affect harvests.

Renewable energies

Meteorological anomalies have increased fivefold in the last 50 years.

The production of renewable energy can be intermittent – the sun doesn’t shine every day, or all day long, the wind isn’t always blowing and heavy rains and periods of drought are increasing at the global level.

Due to the growing unpredictability of energy production, it is essential that investments are protected and income guaranteed.

Together with the client, specialists model energy production data and the risk period, after studying the type of plant, location and installed capacity.

Seismic Phenomena

With parametric insurance, the amount corresponding to the deductible for seismic phenomena cover can be insured, thus maintaining the economic balance of property insurance programmes.

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