The Corbroker team is committed to providing its clients with services of excellence.

We permanently monitor your business through a dedicated account manager, using our integrated client management approach.

Insurance programmes are analysed by a professional team who identify any possible gaps in coverage that need to be addressed. In our proposal for a new insurance programme, we include all the situations that have been identified, paying particular attention to the legal framework and mandatory insurance for your business.

We implement risk management techniques, which involve identifying the risks your business is exposed to, with inspections of your premises to identify which measures need to be implemented to protect your people, your assets and your company’s financial condition.

We advise you on which exposures should be improved or retained, the financial impacts of these and which risks should be transferred to insurance.

We draw up the most suitable insurance programme for you and approach the insurance market to obtain the most economically competitive and appropriate policy proposal for your business.

We analyse the proposals obtained from the market and prepare a comparative study to present to our client.

We then implement the option chosen and establish a results monitoring model.

We develop clauses specifically designed to provide coverage and protection for more specific activities and duly check these when they are issued.

We manage policies with inclusions, exclusions and modifications that enable you to adjust your insurance contracts and always keep them up to date.

We manage any claims that arise, either managing deductibles programmes or working together with the insurer, as well as presenting claims to third parties.

We provide online access to your entire insurance programme, receipts for payment and pending claims, at any time and anywhere.

We also provide monthly information in account statements detailing any amounts due.

Safely with you.