Credit and Suretyship

Your company is your investment.

In an increasingly globalised market, with entry into new geographies and commercial relationships with new business partners and clients, your company faces greater risks in terms of default on payments and delayed sales.
Corbroker has comprehensive solutions through credit insurance to protect your business from non-payment of goods and services sold on credit, whether in Portugal or abroad.
Credit insurance is an excellent tool for preventing default risk and protecting you against the resulting negative consequences, such as the loss of the uncollected amounts, a potential lack of liquidity, the expense involved in collection management, and the search for new clients. Additional covers can also be taken out, for example against political and catastrophic risks, orders pending delivery and pre-shipment, manufacturing risk, litigation (debt disputes), consignment sales, cash sales against delivery of documents and advance payments to suppliers.

Should you need to guarantee compliance with legal or contractual obligations, Corbroker has suretyship insurance solutions that ensure the company meets the obligations it has assumed before the suretyship beneficiary.

Your business is exposed to many unforeseen events on a daily basis. Help us protect you.

Safely with you.